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As a leading Conveyor Belting company, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for your material handling needs. Our Tension Calculator is designed to simplify the process of determining the maximum operating tension for your conveyor belts, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

How it works:

  1. Input Key Parameters: To get started, simply fill out four essential fields – “Belt Speed,” “Belt Width,” “Motor Horsepower,” and “Wrap Factor.”
  2. Swift Calculation: With your inputs in place, our advanced algorithm swiftly processes the data to generate the PIW (Pounds per Inch of Width) value – a crucial measure of maximum operating tension for your conveyor belt.
  3. Request a Quote: Armed with the PIW value, you can now request a personalized quote from our Conveyor Belting experts. We will ensure that you receive the ideal conveyor belt tailored to your specific requirements.


Enhance efficiency and precision in your material handling operations with our Conveyor Belt Tension Calculator. Take the first step towards unmatched performance and reliability. Try it now and experience the future of conveyor belting solutions! Contact us today to receive a free quote